Day 9 -Meals and Stuff

Day 9 of the 10 Day Cleanse! 

Frequently with the first 10 days I do believe I tend to get more tired. Especially the first time or two I participated.  Although this time I think winter and work have added more to the exhaustion than the Challenge.

Week two so far-more cooking less buying food. However I missed more days at the gym than I planned. As in Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Maybe the third week I can bring it all together! 

I’ve been doing food prep a little as I go so far this week. I made my avocado tuna mix Monday – and felt  just this particular sense of accomplishment when I cut open my avocados and they were actually ripe. Not spotty brown or half too far gone to eat.  


 Anyone who’s ever tried to make anything with avocados knows the struggle is real. Avocado: not yet…not yet……EAT ME NOW. Too late. 

They might have been able to go another day – but I wasn’t taking the risk. 

I took two avocados, a package of the Starkist tuna, plain Greek yogurt, and mixed them all together with a spoon.  

I like to add in then diced peppers and red onion. What’s nice is you can add in a bunch of things or whatever you like. A little lemon juice and seasoning to taste. I tend to throw in whatever is handy. I prefer something with salt because I love salt. Adding in extra sodium, however, is generally frowned upon while on the 24 Day Challenge so I try not to (okay maybe I added a pinch-I cheat a little). 

 It’s so colorful! And usually best to eat sooner rather than later.  Avocados, you know, don’t keep long. 

I also make a lot of chicken stir fry. I have a mini George Foreman that I like to use.

  Cut up some veggies….

  Maybe cook some quinoa-15 minutes max it’s super easy-and throw it all together.

Now I have lunch for the rest of the week.


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