24 Day Challenge

Week One

It’s the beginning of a new year and health and fitness resolutions are everywhere.  A few years ago my mother introduced me to Advocare and their 24 day Challenge.  People are always asking me about it as a diet – and I hesitate to call it that.  It is a good way to change overall dietary habits, which is why I participate.  For more specific information on Advocare and the Challenge you check them out here!  Advocare 24 Day Challenge

I’ve completed several Challenges now – to varying degrees of success.  You really do get out what you put in.  My first one probably resulted in the most significant difference.  I just felt better.  My previous snacky cravings just…weren’t there.  When a plate of french fries sat in front of me I wasn’t compelled to eat them all.  Overall, I was just healthier and I could really feel it.

Like anyone, I can really fall off the ‘healthy eating habits’ wagon.  Especially the dreaded holidays.  One of my biggest struggles was the fact that I would just keep eating even after I stopped being hungry as long as there was food in front of me.   This is definitely not conducive to A. getting in shape or B. feeling fit or healthy.   When I complete a challenge this urge to eat everything is greatly lessened.  So I like setting this challenge for myself after the gluttony that is Thanksgiving-Christmas time.  I am also running a Spartan Beast race in the spring and want to prepare for it.  This is my first step.


The first ten days are the ‘Cleanse.’  This is the more ‘strict’ portion of the Challenge, people frequently will notice the most weight loss during this stage.  General guidelines are no alcohol, no dairy, low carb – whole wheat kind of stuff.  This is probably the hardest part for me – I can do cheese OR bread, but they can’t have both!

To start the day there are probiotics and a fiber drink.  They made some improvement to the fiber drink, hallelujah.  It used to be this thick, pulpy, gag-inducing mix.  It’s much less offensive now, and a hundred times easier to drink.  I like mixing it with an Advocare Spark for flavor and energy.


So far I have completed Week One of my 2016 Advocare Challenge!  I proudly have not binged on cheese or bread!  Which is no mean feat, for me.  I have had more salt and used salad dressings that weren’t 100% following the ‘rules.’  Overall though I think I’m starting things off pretty well.

I’ve mostly been making chicken with quinoa and veggies.  I make variations of stir fry and quinoa salads.  I’ve had some pretty delicious spaghetti made out of squash and mashed cauliflower instead of potato too.  I also really like this avocado, tuna salad dish I adapted from a stuffed avocado recipe.  I mix up an avocado with the packaged tuna and original flavor Greek yogurt.  I chop up some onions and red peppers into little bits and mix them in.  Sometimes I mix other peppers as well.  Squirt some lemon juice in and add seasoning as preferred.  I always make an amount that I think I can split into two meals – and usually end up eating more than planned…ooooor all of it in some cases.  Almonds, berries, fruit, veggies.  Eat a little a lot.  So far the scale says I’ve lost about 3 pounds, although numbers on the scale aren’t really what I’m worried about.  My aim is more for what that number is made of.

Going into week two I aim to prep more food.  There were a few days I ran out of time or motivation and had to resort to the office cafeteria/cafe.  They have a salad bar that also has hummus and quinoa so I was pretty much able to make due.  They also had free pizza on Friday which was less than helpful.  I love cheese.

Week two I also AIM to get to the gym at least as many times as I did last week.  Wish me luck.


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