Whiskey Whistles – Thailand

Thai whiskey is evil.

I love my Irish whiskey, so I’m not particularly biased against whiskey as a whole. The whiskey I had in Thailand, however… wooooo-eeeee. It was rough. First of all, and this is very important, never mistake this:IMG_1984 for beer. Don’t be the kind of dumb I was, this is not beer. This is some kind of Thai whiskey, bottled like any regular beer in the West, and it will give you one nasty surprise if you open it and take a nice big swig, expecting anything other than whiskey.

These bottles also – whiskey! For 44 baht – roughly a little over one American dollar.

Three of the main brands of whiskey you’ll find in Thailand include: Mekong, Sangsom, and Hong Thong. These are the three I came across most often. And they like to sell them in buckets. The bucket of Thai whiskey was my undoing on my mini vacation in Krabi. Now, it might have been all the sugary mixed drinks from earlier on, or it might have been something a little extra added to the bucket I drank from that actually belonged to one of the locals I was hanging out with. I can’t be sure, but what I remember most was the bucket of whiskey…the big gulps through the straw…and then loss of my dinner (away from everyone, out in the water…lovely). It lasted throughout the next day as well. I had never been this sick from a night of adult beverages. It was not pleasant, and if ever I go back, I will not be partaking in anything from a bucket, thanks very much.

The local men seem to quite enjoy it, though. Many of our neighbors in our town would sit outside their houses from early afternoon on, drinking whiskey on the rocks and talking. We had one neighbor with speakers so loud they sounded like a public address system. Thankfully he usually only turned them on during the weekend, but it was all day, all weekend. I’m pretty sure he and his buddies enjoyed a bottle or two of whiskey in the afternoons. Even some of the foreign teachers I met while over there liked to split bottles of Hong Thong or Sangsom.  There are also the bottles of snake whiskey.

For me, I’ll stick to beer.


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