Thai English

Living in Thailand teaching English I frequently felt terribly illiterate.  However, when I did come across English, it was a nice feeling of familiarity and a touch of home.  Sometimes it’s even really entertaining.

Here is a collection of fun and sometimes hilarious t-shirts, signs, and menus I came across.  Read some signs closely.

IMG_3881 IMG_2315

IMG_2314IMG_2583 IMG_2828IMG_2824 IMG_2821




















































Unfortunate Flavor Spelling Error

Unfortunate Flavor Spelling Error

Interesting Spellings

Interesting Spellings

"Beer as Cold as Your Girlfriend's Heart."

“Beer as Cold as Your Girlfriend’s Heart.”


Gotta Love the Spelling

Gotta Love the Spelling

No Food, Dogs, or....What?!

No Food, Dogs, or….What?!



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