Food and Beverage

MAY 21, 2013

Market Food

Foods around the local Tuesday and Friday night Markets.  These are the famous Durian fruits, known for their strong distinctive scent.  I will have to investigate actually eating them at some point.

Infamous Durians

Infamous Durians


Some of the little red peppers that are in everything.  Little pieces are okay, but too many of these will set my mouth on fire.


Chonnabot Market!

IMG_1448 IMG_1452

Warning: Potentially disturbing image ahead.  I wonder if you buy the actual pig head or if it’s just there for show.

This Little Piggy Went to Market

This Little Piggy Went to Market


MAY 17, 2013

Happy Food!  A few fun food items that can’t help but put a smile on my face!

My toaster makes Happy Faces!

Smiley Toast

Smiley Toast

At the Friday Night Market they had Pancakes with cartoon designs on sticks!  My froggy was so adorable.  And absolutely delicious.  It must have been slathered in butter while making it.

Pancake on a Stick

Pancake on a Stick


MAY 15, 2013

Delicious Street Food!  Some pretty good Authentic Pad Thai from one of the food carts here in the Isaan Province and the town of Chonnabot, Thailand.  Not too spicy, which is good for me.  I am still working on my spice tolerance level.  This dinner provided by the same women who made us the sweet melon – milk – bean dessert, only 20 baht!  I have a feeling I will return here often.

Authentic Pad Thai

Authentic Pad Thai

Everything seems to come in bags here.  All the to-go meals, and even beverages and soups, come in little baggies.  These are some soup and noodles I got the other day.  I actually liked the soup over the noodles, even with it being hot.  I think the meatballs in the soup were pork.

soup and noodles

soup and noodles


MAY 13, 2013

Baby Bananas!


Great for snacking, I don’t feel so bad eating several of these.


Sweeter than the bananas from home, still yummy.


A Thai Dessert

I can’t remember the name of this now, but it’s very sweet and refreshing.  Made of melons, beans, sweetened condensed milk (I think), some pink, chewy, jelly candies, and something we thought were ice cubes but turned out to be more coconut-y.

A Thai dessert

Two Spoons, Because We Share Everything


MAY 14, 2013

Me versus the Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Fresh from a Street Vendor

I love the colors.  What a fun looking fruit.


I was not entirely sure how I was supposed to eat this.


Apparently they aren’t that hard to peel.


I wasn’t sure what to do after this point.  So I ate it like an apple or a pear.

IMG_1295There’s a lot to one of those, though.  It was fun to eat, but a lot of one fruit in one sitting.  It would have helped to have a paper towel and a better way to cut it up and store it.


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